Letters From Parents

"Dear Sensei Morris, ...The attention to details has taught Colin not only the precision and strength of Nihon Goshin techniques, but also it has taught him good habits in daily life, and has resulted in a positive impact in many other aspects; from doing his academic school work, to treating others with respect, to doing chores around the house with the same care and positive attitude that he showed at your school. I hope this positive impact will stay with him throughout his growing years and beyond...."

"Mr. Morris,

As you know Justine will not be continuing with her Aikido classes of two years. I don't think she will realize for a long time how much her classes at your school have benefited her. When we talked before I said that I wanted her to end classes for all the right reasons as I thought it would affect any other classes she took or other challenges she might face. I am confident that she is there now. Ironically, the confidence she gained through Aikido is the same confidence that is allowing her to follow another interest. I thought it was going to be dance class where her friends were going; I was surprised to learn she wants to take fencing classes. You know how hard it was for her to start and continue Aikido and now she has the confidence to go completely away from her peers and do something she is really interested in. And when she said she had lead the warm-ups... Wow. Did you ever think that would happen?

We have you to thank for that. As far as we are concerned you were exactly where you needed to be, exactly when you needed to be there and you were exactly the person you needed to be when my kids started taking their classes at your school. Each one has benefited in a different way. I think you are a fantastic instructor and I hope your other students appreciate you as much as we do. As a parent of three kids you know we have seen a lot of instructors in different settings from horse-back riding to art classes and everything in between. I always felt that the Aikido classes offered the most all around benefits for athletic ability, self-control, confidence and risk-taking. We all wish you well in the future and hope you continue with the work you were obviously born to do.

Thank you so much,

Clell, Pat, Krissy, Angela and Justine ____"

Lake Washington School District

"I enjoyed working with Sensei David Morris in my capacity as coordinator of behavioral health services at Lake Washington School District. He has been very pro-active in working with youth on the Eastside. He was gracious enough to visit Kirkland Jr. High and High School classes to demonstrate Aikido, stressing self-discipline over conquering your opponent. David has been willing to take kids into his dojo without renumeration, training and working with them as patiently as any other student. He is an excellent role model for youth, being very frank with them about his youthful discretions and how the discipline of Aikido saved him."

Jean Leonard, MA, CMHC

Coordinator of Behavioral Health Services